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ISIS, in a First, Says It’s Behind Attack in Capital of Syria

GAZIANTEP, Turkey — A car bomb tore up a vegetable market and a police officers’ club in Damascus, the Syrian capital, on Tuesday, according to a witness and to regional news reports, striking an area that had been quiet for…

Turkey Alleged to Use Chemical Weapons on Rebels

The allegation by human rights activists that the Turkish military used chemical weapons to kill eight rebels last September is supported by photographs which purportedly depict the dead Kurds, Der Spiegel reported yesterday (see GSN, July 2).

Turkish warplanes bomb northern Iraq

The rebel Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and an Iraqi Kurdish Official stated that Turkish fighter planes bombed theSidakan district of Arbil province in the mountainous northeast of Iraq on Monday.

Turkey claims 130 PKK deaths since March

Turkish Security Forces announced on Friday that at least 130 members of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) have been killed inTurkey and neighbouring northern Iraq since March.

Erdogan and the Decline of the Turks

By ROBERT L. POLLOCK Israeli special forces and their commanders were apparently shocked to find their boarding attempt on the Mavi (“Blue”) Marmara met with violence. They should not have been. I have no doubt that the Turkish “peace activists” aboard…

Turkey to Ship Gasoline to Iran

Iran is expected to receive its first shipment of gasoline from Turkey in at least 18 months in June, industry sources said on Tuesday.

Turkish planes bombed PKK positions

Turkish media reported Turkish warplanes launched a series of cross-border air raids against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)rebels in the Zap-Khakurk region of the Kurdish-held autonomous north of Iraq on Thursday.

Iran-Turkey Nuclear Deal?

FROM THE ECONOMIST INTELLIGENCE UNIT Iran‘s agreement to deposit much of its stock of low-enriched uranium in Turkey for up to a year in return for the supply of fuel rods for a medical research reactor takes the wind out of the…