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Iran: Russia shelves missile systems deal

Moscow, 10 June (AKI) – Russia has shelved a contract to sell S-300 missile systems to Iran after the United Nations Security Council imposed a fourth round of sanctions on Tehran over its contentious nuclear programme, Interfax news agency reported…

Qassam rockets fired from Gaza Strip

Haartez newspaper reported that four Qassam rockets have been fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel on Thursday evening. No casualties or damage were reported so far. According to the source, three rockets landed in open areas in the Western Negev region, while…

Photos Show Hezbollah Has Missiles, Report Claims

Satellite images reveal that the militant group Hezbollah is in possession of surface-to-surface missiles that are being stored at a clandestine weapons site in Syria while awaiting transport to Lebanon, the London Times reported Friday (see GSN, May 6).

Pakistan Tests Missiles in Arabian Sea

NTI: Pakistan today conducted test-launches of new missiles and torpedoes from warplanes, submarines and surface vessels in the Arabian Sea, Agence France-Presse reported.

North Korea’s Missile Stockpile Jumps to 1,000, South Says

NTI: In the last two years, North Korea has increased the size of its estimated missile arsenal by 25 percent to 1,000 weapons, South Korean Defense Minister Kim Tae-young asserted today (see GSN, March 9).

Iran begins cruise-missile production

TEHRAN (AP)– Iran announced Sunday it has started a new production line of highly accurate short-range cruise missiles, which would add a new element to the country’s already imposing arsenal. Gen. Ahmad Vahidi, Iran’s defense minister, told Iranian state TV…

Launch sight – Iranian rocket capabilities advance

Jane’s Information Group Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad unveiled two key components of Iran’s new light space-launch vehicle (SLV), known as the Simorgh (Phoenix) at the Aerospace Technology Day Ceremony on 3 February. A mock-up of the 27 m, two-stage Simorgh…

FARC buy Russian missiles: Peru

Peruvian prosecutors allege that the FARC bought at least seven Russian anti-aircraft missiles that could be used against helicopters essential to the Colombian government’s fight against the guerrilla group, El Nuevo Heraldo reported Monday.