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Al-Qaeda linked group claims attack on Japanese tanker

Media reported that a terrorist group linked to Al-Qaeda claimed on Wednesday that a suicide bomber from its organisation was responsible for the explosion on a Japanese super tanker in the Strait of Hormuz, last Wednesday.

Japan: Kan faces first test as Prime Minister

Election Date: July 11, 2010 At stake: House of Councillors Background After World War II ended, Japan’s foremost body of law was re-written during the American occupation. Article 9 of the Constitution literally states that, “The Japanese people forever renounce…

Japan says China subs, warships came near Okinawa

TOKYO (AP)— Two Chinese submarines and several warships were spotted in international waters off Japan’s southern island of Okinawa at the weekend, and Tokyo is investigating what the military vessels were doing there, the defense minister said Tuesday.

US reviews its commitments in East Asia

The United States drawdown of troops in South Korea and Japan, in what seems to be a reduction of its military commitment in the Asia-Pacific region, raises the possibility that Washington’s military dominance in the region, effective for more than…

Report: Japan offers to enrich Iran’s uranium

Haaretz:  In a new twist on the international community’s effort to reign in Tehran’s nuclear ambitions, Japan has offered to enrich uranium on Iran’s behalf, the AFP news agency reported on Wednesday.