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Yemeni forces kills Al-Qaeda chief in air strikes

Yemen’s defence ministry announced on Monday that two senior Al-Qaeda members were killed in an air strike which targeted terrorists hideouts in the southeast of the country. The Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) leaders have been identified as as Jamil Al-Anbari…

CIA warned India and Brazil about terrorist threat

US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director Leon Panetta warned on Tuesday that India and Brazil face “emerging threats” from Al-Qaeda and Taleban despite the fact that terrorist outfits weakened after military offensive against them in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Saudi forces raid Yemen’s villages

Yemen’s Shiite Zaidi rebels stated that Saudi Arabia has intensified military offensive against them and Saudi fighter planes carried out almost a dozen air raids in northern villages on Tuesday. No casualty reported.

FSB Accuses Georgia of Aiding al-Qaeda in the North Caucasus

By: The Jamestown Foundation Insurgent violence has continued unabated in the North Caucasus this week, with five federal servicemen dying in a shootout with insurgents in Chechnya yesterday (February 4) and Russia’s security services again accusing Georgia of aiding militants in…

Al-Qaeda leader killed in Dagestan

Sources within Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) stated that a prominent Al-Qaeda leader and one accomplice have been gunned down by Russian security forces in a clash in Russia’s volatile North Caucasusregion of Dagestan.

Senators Warned of Terrorist Attack on U.S. by July

WASHINGTON(New York Times) — America’s top intelligence official told lawmakers on Tuesday that Al Qaeda and its affiliates had made it a high priority to attempt a large-scale attack on American soil within the next six months.

Yemen clashes continue, ceasefire offer rejected

SANAA, Jan 31 (Reuters) – Yemen rejected a ceasefire offer from Shi’ite rebels on Sunday and said fighting was continuing, as neighbouring Saudi Arabia accused the insurgents of mounting sniper attacks inside its territory. The conflict with the northern rebels,…

Suspected Al-Qaeda terrorists kill 3 Yemeni soldiers in Shabwa

Government officials reported the deaths of three Yemeni soldiers, who were killed when unknown gunmen opened fire at their military checkpoint in the Shabwa province on Sunday. One other soldier was said to have suffered injuries as the attack was…

Report: New bin Laden tape emerges

(CNN) — A new audio tape allegedly from al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden claims responsibility for an attempt to blow up a plane en route to Michigan on Christmas Day and warns the United States of more attacks.