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Algeria Launches Nation-Wide Counterterrorism Offensive

Terrorism Monitor With al-Qaeda activities in the Sahel/Sahara region of Africa creating havoc with commerce, trade, resource extraction, tourism and general security, the nations of the region appear ready to mount a coordinated military approach to the elimination of Salafist…

Pentagon to boost Yemen’s special operations forces

Defense Secretary Robert Gates in February authorized $150 million in security assistance for Yemen for fiscal 2010, up from $67 million last year, but the Pentagon has offered few details about the highly sensitive program.

Iraq/Terrorism: another top Al-Qaeda leader killed

Ahmed al-Obeidi a.k.a Abu Suhaib, a regional Al-Qaeda leader, has been killed on Tuesday morning during a joint US-Iraq operation in the northern province of Ninevah.

The financial state of Al Qaeda and the Taliban

By Michael Jacobson Counterterrorism Blog As my colleague Matt Levitt wrote, the Washington Institute recently hosted David Cohen, the Treasury assistant secretary for terrorist financing and financial crimes, as part of its lecture series with senior counterterrorism officials.

Al-Qaeda members land in Mogadishu

A senior Somali official stated on Wednesday that a group of 12 Al-Qaeda members in the last two weeks had crossed from Yemen into Somalia in order to render rebels fighting the Western-backed government money and military expertise.

US sanctions target Al-Qaeda in Iraq

The US Treasury Department on Thursday imposed financial sanctions against Muthanna Harith al-Dari, an Iraqi, for allegedly providing financial assistance and other services to Al–Qaeda in Iraq (AQI).

Hezb-i-Islami ready for peace deal, offers to help foster talks with Taleban

Hezb-i-Islami, one of the main terrorist groups fighting the Afghan government, declared Wednesday that they are ready to sit down for peace talks. The group has further offered to act as mediator to the Taleban if the US withdraw its troops next…

US warns ships of possible Al-Qaeda attack

The United States’ Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) warned on its website that ships sailing off Yemen‘s Red Sea and Gulf of Aden coasts run the risk of Al-Qaeda attacks similar to the suicide bombing of the US warship USS Cole in 2000 that left 17 US…

Pakistani forces kill seven militants

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, (UPI) — Pakistani security forces killed at least seven militants Sunday in an offensive targeting hideouts in the Orakzai tribal region, government officials said.

Al-Qaeda leader believed killed in North Waziristan

Hussein al-Yemeni, aka “Sadam Hussein” Al Hussami, an Al-Qaeda leader who had played a significant role in the bombing of a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) post last December in Afghanistan has been killed by a US drone strike last week, a US counterterrorism official stated…