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Military Suppliers Arrested in Sting

AP: Twenty-two executives and employees of companies that supply the military and law enforcement agencies were arrested on the eve of their industry’s annual trade show in Las Vegas after a two-and-a-half-year sting operation focusing on schemes to bribe a…

Putin calls for overhaul of existing army systems

(Itar-Tass) — Prime Minister Vladimir Putin called for an overhaul of existing army control, communication and reconnaissance systems. The experience of the latest local conflicts showed that up-to-date army control, communication and reconnaissance systems were “one of the critical factors…

CIA catches Iranian trying to buy arms ‘for war against U.S.’

Haaretz:  An Iranian businessman was caught on tape by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency attempting to purchase weapons and military systems during a clandestine deal in Georgia. Amir Hussein Aldabili was allegedly sent by the Iranian government to entice arms…

China developing new ASBM weapons

IQ: In a move to counter the US, China has developed anti-ship ballistic missiles to exploit weaknesses in the US Navy.

Russia Could Finish Testing New ICBM in 2010

NTI Russia might finish testing its experimental RS-24 ICBM this year, a defense industry source told Interfax yesterday (see GSN, Oct. 27, 2009).