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Explosive devices wash up on Israeli beaches

Israeli security officials said on Tuesday that two explosive devices that had drifted onto Israel’s southern shoreline on Monday, clearly indicated that it was as an attempt by Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip to attack Israel.

Yemen clashes continue, ceasefire offer rejected

SANAA, Jan 31 (Reuters) – Yemen rejected a ceasefire offer from Shi’ite rebels on Sunday and said fighting was continuing, as neighbouring Saudi Arabia accused the insurgents of mounting sniper attacks inside its territory. The conflict with the northern rebels,…

US beefing up missile defenses in Persian Gulf

AP: WASHINGTON — As the Obama administration edges toward imposing tougher sanctions on Iran, it has begun upgrading its approach to defending its Persian Gulf allies against potential Iranian missile strikes, officials said Saturday.

Iran Runs Military Nuclear Office, Intel Report Alleges

NTI:  An intelligence document being studied by diplomats in Israel and Western powers alleges that a secret Iranian office is charged with overseeing military elements of the nation’s nuclear program, Der Spiegel reported yesterday.

Dubai Helps Iran Evade Sanctions as Smugglers Ignore U.S. Laws

Jan. 27 (Bloomberg) — On a sweltering mid-October evening, horns blare as pickup trucks at Dubai Creek wharf jockey to deliver cargo bound for Iran. Televisions, cartons of toothpaste, car parts, refrigerators and DVD players stretch for about a mile…

Iraq: Multiple blasts shatter recent calm in capital

Baghdad, 25 Jan. (AKI) – At least three bomb blasts struck separate locations in central Baghdad on Monday. The blasts killed at least 11 people and injured at least 21 people, police said. The explosions ended over six weeks of…

Suspected Al-Qaeda terrorists kill 3 Yemeni soldiers in Shabwa

Government officials reported the deaths of three Yemeni soldiers, who were killed when unknown gunmen opened fire at their military checkpoint in the Shabwa province on Sunday. One other soldier was said to have suffered injuries as the attack was…

Syria’s Financial Support for Jihad

by Matthew Levitt Middle East Quarterly Winter 2010, pp. 39-48 It costs a lot of money to run an insurgency. There are arms to buy, attacks to launch, bribes to pay. The local population has to be won over, and…

Turkey Detains 120 Al-Qaeda Suspects in Raids

In a major anti-terror operation Turkish police raided several areas across the country and nabbed at least 120 suspected Al-Qaeda terrorists, including senior members of the terrorist group, the state-run Anatolian news agency reported on Friday.

Russia ‘regrets Iran’s rejection of nuclear deal’

MOSCOW(AFP) — Russia regrets that Iran has apparently rejected a UN-brokered nuclear fuel exchange deal to ease the standoff over its atomic programme, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday.