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Japan says China subs, warships came near Okinawa

TOKYO (AP)— Two Chinese submarines and several warships were spotted in international waters off Japan’s southern island of Okinawa at the weekend, and Tokyo is investigating what the military vessels were doing there, the defense minister said Tuesday.

Thailand/civil unrest: arrest warrants issued for 17 Red Shirt leaders

Local media and officials reported that a Thai court on Friday issued arrest warrants against 17 anti-government Red Shirt leaders of the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) on charges of defying the Emergency Decree by seizing Bangkok’s prime commercial area of Ratchaprasong.

North Korea’s Missile Stockpile Jumps to 1,000, South Says

NTI: In the last two years, North Korea has increased the size of its estimated missile arsenal by 25 percent to 1,000 weapons, South Korean Defense Minister Kim Tae-young asserted today (see GSN, March 9).

US reviews its commitments in East Asia

The United States drawdown of troops in South Korea and Japan, in what seems to be a reduction of its military commitment in the Asia-Pacific region, raises the possibility that Washington’s military dominance in the region, effective for more than…

North Korea Might Have 18 Nukes in Nine Years, Report Says

GSN: A new report postulates that North Korea could have as many as 14 to 18 nuclear warheads within nine years if nuclear disarmament talks are unsuccessful, the Korea Times reported yesterday (see GSN, Feb. 17).

U.S. ties Israeli billionaire with Chinese intelligence

Haaretz The Admiralty complex is one of the trademarks of Hong Kong’s urban landscape. Overlooking the port, the complex used to house the soldiers of the British army and the headquarters of the Royal Navy in the region. Today it…

India, South Korea to Establish Strategic Partnership

VOA: The South Korean leader said the decision by both countries to establish a strategic relationship is a ‘significant development,’ and will help peace and stability in Asia.

North Korea fires artillery again toward South

For the second consecutive day, North Korea shelled areas near the South Korean Yeonpyeong island, close to the inter-Korean maritime border, a South Korean Defence Ministry official stated on Thursday.

North, South Korea exchange fire near sea border, no injuries

Citing officials in Seoul, the Yonhap news agency reported that North Korea fired around 30 artillery shells near its disputed sea border with South Korea, which retaliated with warning  artillery fire. The exchange of fire comes after North Korea declared a contested area of…