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Afghan police thwart would-be suicide squad amidst increasing Taleban attacks

Afghan security forces foiled a major suicide assault on Monday when they were able to kill five men equipped with suicide vests and guns who tried to storm government buildings and a bazaar in the town of┬áBarmal, on the┬áPakistan border…

Afghanistan: Up to 30 days needed to ‘secure’ Marjah

Marjah, 19 Feb. (AKI) – British Maj Gen Nick Carter, in command of Nato forces in southern Afghanistan, said it would take 25-30 days to secure the area. More time would be needed after that to determine the success of…

World leaders agree on Afghan timetable and funding

EUObserver: World leaders meeting in London on Thursday agreed to start handing over security duties to Afghan forces in early 2011 and finish the process within five years, while also pledging funds to persuade Taliban groups to renounce violence.