Covid Stimulus Watch

-Deal has been agreed to between Pelosi and Mnuchin. 

-House will likely be recalled this week for a vote. 

-McConnell pro forma move was a routine procedure to keep the Senate open and ability to recall members for a vote within 24 hours. 

After our Sept 18 election update when we initially gave stimulus a 80% certainty, Pelosi and Mnuchin are putting the final touches on a nearly $2 trillion package. After conferring with Powell on the details of distributing money to states and munis, a deal was found over the weekend with only minor details to work out Monday and Tuesday.

Much is being said about doubts the Senate GOP will vote for such a package but Mnuchin had been in contact with Meadows and McConnell the entire way through negotiations.  The Pro Forma procedure enacted by McConnell was a routine strategy to keep the Senate open to file bills and recall members 24hrs before a vote is to occur.

At this point, we fully expect an announcement this week for a new stimulus package.