Rise of Private Militaries in Africa

China, US, Russia and European involvement in the African security sector is steadily increasing. Driven by the need to secure resources and political influence, governments have deployed private militaries to enact policies without the fanfare and liabilities of military operations.

China has been the leader in this sector with the need to secure it’s citizens and protect its investments as OBOR is being employed on the continent to drive its global ambitions as a military superpower.  Nearly 25% of African arms comes from Beijing along with multiple contracts in Africa for security training, including DeWe Security and VSS Security Group, ensuring political favor from the ruling governments of Algeria, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Sudan, Djibouti and Angola. Beijing is currently considering setting up a special fund to finance security initiatives in Africa.It would seem that this engagement signals the end of its policy of non-interference.

The Russians have responded with Wagner in Central African Republic, Libya and Tunisia protecting mining operations of gold, cobalt and strategic oil fields. Moscow moved into Libya as the US lacked determination to resolve its instability.  It has supported Haftar with security, banknotes and trade while solidifying Moscows grip on Libya oil exports into Europe.

Europe has only 2 legitimate players in Africa, Italy and France. Both of which are at odds with each other with France supporting Haftar and Italy supporting the US backed Misrati in Tripoli. The French have done its duty to secure its interests with military operations in west Africa recently.