A National Security Perspective on Vertical Farming: Reducing Supply Chain Vulnerabilities

Since the very earliest wars, battlefield commanders have known that a successful strategy is to use food as a weapon.

Vertical farming is a bold approach that will become a critical national asset — and will require protection.

Vertical farming — growing multiple crops in specially designed tall buildings in urban and suburban areas — is taking international farming into the 21st century. As urbanization accelerates in the 21st century and as many of the world’s urban areas are by seas, ensuring the security of these areas — inclusive of provision of basic quality of life, such as food — is a key requirement and challenge.

When nations go to war, history has shown that control of sea lines of communication is an essential element of strategic war planning. Consequently, the most visible aspects of a nation flexing its muscle are airplanes and ships rather than other dimensions of national security such as the industrial heartland and the great agricultural farms.

However, history shows that the free movement of all logistics, including agriculture products, during times of crisis and actual war can be the key to eventual victory.


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