Tang Chao, the American and British spy killer

Following the New York Times’ revelations on May 20 (see here) about the loss of CIA sources who were arrested or executed by the Ministry of State Security(Guoanbu), Intelligence Online can reveal the role of Tang Chao, special aide to the minister. This highly secretive master spy has the job of coordinating the hunt for moles in the Guoanbu.

The Chinese authorities’ favourite weapon for “neutralizing” sources working for foreign intelligence services remains the corruption investigation. This was the case for former Guoanbu number two, Ma Jian, who was arrested last year. Ma was head of the ministry’s Department 8, which was in charge of “offensive” counter-espionage – which is to say manage double agents.

But it would seem that it has not just been American intelligence networks which have been taken down in recent years. According to our information, Britain, which has not had much of a presence in China since the hand-over of Hong Kong, has lost several informants and agents over the last three years.