Early voting show Trump doing better than expected in swing states

Hillary Clinton trails Barack Obama numbers in ballot requests in Iowa, North Carolina and Ohio. 

Less than a month until Election Day and some warning signs begin to appear for Clinton in vital swing states.  With expectations of political polling experts that nearly 40% of the swing state voters will cast their ballots prior to November 8, a lot of attention has been put on voter registration drives and early ballots.  However, Clinton trails Trump in Ohio every day in October with absentee ballot requests. In Iowa, democrats fell to only 26,000 ballot advantage which is under the critical level of 40,000 for democrats to carry the state.

In Florida, state representatives published early voting ballots submitted showing a dead heat at 270,000 ballots turned as of Monday. North Carolina figures show similar numbers to Florida and give Hillary Clintons campaign cause for concern.

Recent polls show an average of 6% advantage in these swing states for Clinton, but realtime data show a much different race.  It’s mathematically dishonest for polling companies publishing questionable data, where people use averages for poll results when they can do interquartile ranges to avoid outliers to have more accurate data.