Female DNA Discovered on Bomb From Boston Marathon Attack

Genetic material from a female has been discovered on one or possibly both of the rudimentary explosive devices used in the Boston Marathon attacks, prompting the FBI to widen its search for possible co-conspirators in the attack that killed three and injured hundreds on April 15, theLos Angeles Times reported on Monday.

Just because female DNA was found on the remnants of at least one of the pressure cooker bombs used in the attack does not necessarily mean a woman helped suspects Tamerlan and Dzokhar Tsarnaev construct the devices, an anonymous law enforcement source told the newspaper. Tamerlan, 26, died during an April 18 gunfight with police. Dzokhar, 19, survived and is in custody.

Authorities are gathering genetic material from several women with ties to the two brothers for testing.

One of the people being questioned by the FBI is Tamerlan’s widow, Katherine Russell, Reutersreported. Investigators on Monday took some genetic samples from the Rhode Island house where Russell is living with her parents, an informed source said.

Officials are also looking at the Tsarnaev brothers‘ other personal contacts in the United States and Russia, where their parents reside in Dagestan, according to the Times. The older brother spent six months last year in Russia; the Novaya Gazeta newspaper reported he was seen “more than once”  with a suspected militant killed last May.

Moscow also believes Tamerlan Tsarnaev had communicated via the Internet with a Russian-born Canadian resident said to have been killed last year in Dagestan, according to Novaya Gazeta . The Russian Interior Ministry said it has “no information tying the two with Tamerlan Tsarnaev.”