Syria: Bashar al-Assad delivers a speech in Damascus

On Tuesday Syrian President Bashar Al Assad made a public statement at Damascus University

In the speech Assad stated that he will not step down, insisting that Syrian people support him despite 10 –months-long uprising. The uprising, according to Assad, was orchestrated by the foreign conspiracy. He also mentioned that a referendum on a new constitution will be held in the first week of March and will be followed by general elections.

The President also accused Arab League of hypocrisy over calling for reforms in Syria and attempting to destabilize further situation in the country.

It is his fourth speech  of Assad since the beginning of popular uprising in March and the first public statement since the President agreed to an Arab League plan to halt the government’s crackdown on opposition protests.

Meanwhile so far despite the presence of 165 Arab League monitors in Syria military crackdown on protestors continues.