Swedish cartoonist attacked at Uppsala University

Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks, who caricatured Prophet Mohammed with the body of a dog, was attacked during a public lecture at Uppsala University near Stockholm on Tuesday, officials and media reported.

Vilks stated that he was head-butted by an audience member as he spoke about the limits of artistic freedom. The cartoonist suffered a few minor bruises. According to a police spokesman, nearly 20 people tried to attack Vilks after interrupting his lecture. However, police stopped them and detained two persons.

In March, Irish police arrested four men and three women allegedly involved in a plot to assassinate Vilks.

Vilks had depicted the Prophet Muhammad with the body of a dog in the Nerikes Allehanda newspaper in August 2007.Al-Qaeda then put a $100,000 (£67,000) bounty on his head. It also offered another $50,000 for the murder of Ulf Johansson, editor-in-chief of the regional newspaper.