Afghan police thwart would-be suicide squad amidst increasing Taleban attacks

Afghan security forces foiled a major suicide assault on Monday when they were able to kill five men equipped with suicide vests and guns who tried to storm government buildings and a bazaar in the town of Barmal, on the Pakistan border in Paktika province.

A ministry source said that three of the bombers, who were wearing vests packed with explosives, were killed by police without causing collateral damage. Two other terrorists were able to flee and enter a nearby shop. After a short period of resistance, they were also killed by police.

The ministry statement confirmed that there were no casualties among civilians following the thwarted assault. However, it said one police officer received minor injuries. Police also seized two rifles from the slain terrorists.

Meanwhile, at least three Afghan civilians had been killed and two others wounded when a roadside bomb hit a minivan in the Andardistrict of southern Ghazni province, while one person was killed in northern Kabul, when a rocket landed inside Bagram Airfield, the main US and NATO base in Afghanistan.

These attacks came after four suicide bombings rocked Kandahar on Saterday killing 35 civilians and wounding over 46 others. TheTaleban claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it was a “warning” to NATO General Stanley McChrystal, following his announcement that ISAF would later this year clear all Taleban from Kandahar.