Pakistani army seizes Taliban base

Pakistani soldiers captured a major Taleban base in the north-western tribal region of Bajaur after days of fierce fighting, officials said on Tuesday. The army was now moving towards the terrorists’ main training area in theDamadola district.

Reportedly, on Sunday Pakistani security forces launched a major military offensive against terrorists hideouts inDamadolaChiangaiShinkot and Kharkai areas of Bajaur Agency killing at least twenty terrorists and capturing a dozen of suspected terrorists.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a Pakistani military official said that government warplanes and helicopters have pounded several Taleban positions in the area. He added they had captured several important heights in the area during Monday’s fighting, including the important Sewai area, a key Taleban base.

The latest military offensive against the Taleban comes after the security situation in Bajaur had been deteriorating despite the army’s statement in February last year that the region was free of Taleban terrorists. Only earlier on Saturday, a suicide bomber blew himself up at a military checkpost in Khar, the headquarters ofBajaur Agency, killing 16 people.