Colombian army claims 9 FARC guerrillas killed in Putumayo

ESISC: At least nine suspected Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrillas have been gunned down by Colombian troops in the southern Colombian Putumayo department, the Colombian armyclaimed on Wednesday. It added that troops arrested four wounded guerrillas during the raid.

Briefing media about the incident, the commander of the army’s 17th Jungle BrigadeGeneral Fernando Cabrera, stated that among those arrested are one woman and two minors. “The killed and injured guerrillas belonged to the FARC’s 48th Front which operates on the southern border of Colombia,” said Cabrera.

Reportedly, ground forces raided three FARC camps in an area called Las Lomas following an air force bombardment. However, FARC leader, Angel Gabriel Lozada Garcia, alias “Edgar Tovar,” managed to escape over the Ecuadorean border before the army seized the camps.

The FARC, a marxist-leninist revolutionary guerrilla group was established in 1964 as the military wing of the Colombian Communist Party. The organisation is considered as a terrorist organisation by Bogota,WashingtonOttawa and Brussels. According to the Colombian government FARC have an estimated 11,000 members in 2009.