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Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez allegedly helped Colombian, Spanish militants forge ties

WaPo: Now, based on documents and witness testimony, Chávez is facing fresh accusations that his government has gone well beyond assisting the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC. Documents seized from two subversive groups, along with information provided by…

ETA military chief arrested in France

On Tuesday joint forces of French police and Spanish Civil Guard arrested Mikel Karrera Sarobe, suspected military chief of the Basque terrorist group Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA).

Euro Zone Buys Time, Moves Toward Federalism

FRANKFURT (Dow Jones)–The massive European Union financial package should banish fears of government default and a collapsing euro, and was also a giant step toward a more federal Europe in the longer term.

Spain economy: Fingers crossed

FROM THE ECONOMIST INTELLIGENCE UNIT Amid signs of increasing risk aversion in international financial markets, based in part on sovereign debt concerns in the euro area, spreads of Spanish government bonds over comparable benchmark German bunds have widened markedly in…

Concern mounts in Spain over ETA presence in Venezuela

Madrid (Deutsche Presse)- Concern is mounting in Spain over allegations that Venezuela is protecting members of the militant Basque separatist group ETA who are living in the Latin American country.

Spain/Security: Clashes outside Cordoba Mosque

Two police officers were injured and two Muslims arrested on Thursday after clashes between the police and Muslim tourists who wanted to pray inside in Roman Catholic Cathedral in Cordoba. The Cathedral had been a mosque before it was rebuild in…

European police arrest 60 Georgian mafia suspects

On Monday, Spanish court officials reported the arrest of over 60 members of an international group of organised crime. According to the information, the 60 members were nabbed throughout the weekend and on Monday in a jointly conducted European operation, baptised…

ETA suspect arrested in Lisbon

Spanish media reported that Portuguese police arrested a suspected member of theBasque separatist group ETA (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna), in Lisbon as he tried to board a flight to Venezuela.

Basque separatist leader arrested in France

The leader of the armed Basque group ETA was arrested in France on Sunday, officials said, in another setback for the separatists, who have seen five of their commanders taken into custody in the last two years.