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Venezuela plant to make 50 million Kalashnikov rounds annually

An ammunition plant being built by Russia in Venezuela will have the capacity to produce over 50 million rounds for Kalashnikov assault rifles per year, a Russian defense industry official said on Tuesday.

Morales Faces First Workers Protests

LA PAZ, Bolivia (IPS) – Strikes and demonstrations against the Bolivian government’s wage policy have marked the end of a honeymoon period between workers and leftwing President Evo Morales.

China’s Arms Sales to Latin America: Another Arrow in the Quiver

Publication: China Brief Volume: 10 Issue: 4 By: Cynthia Watson Strengthening China’s military presence in Latin America is one of the many manifestations of Beijing’s increased activity on the international stage. Arms sales is a subset of the Chinese military’s growing…

‘FARC ordered to recover strategic routes’: El Tiempo

FARC guerrillas in southern Colombia have the order to recover “at all cost” six strategically important routes from state troops, newspaper El Tiempo reported Tuesday after seeing e-mails found on a dead guerrilla’s computer. The newspaper was given copies of…