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North Korean Uranium Enrichment Progresses, Analysts Say

North Korea seems to be making progress in its military uranium enrichment program, which would give the nation another pathway to building nuclear weapons and a valuable technology to sell on the black market, a U.S. think tank said in…

North Korea Relocates Forces Around Capital

North Korea is relocating soldiers and heavy weapons closer to its capital, evidently to make ready for a large military event, South Korea’s Defense Ministry said today (see GSN, Aug. 23).

Lee Lays Out 3-Stage Master Plan for Reunification for Koreas

Chosun: President Lee Myung-bak in a speech on Sunday marking the 65th anniversary of Korea’s liberation from Japanese rule proposed a three-staged method of reunification with North Korea and the introduction of a “unification tax” to prepare for the massive…

Russian Experts ‘Unconvinced by Cheonan Evidence’

Russian Navy experts who assessed the South Korean investigation of the sinking of the Navy corvette Cheonan, concluded North Korea cannot with absolute certainty be held responsible for the shipwreck, according to the Yomiuri Shimbun.

North Korea: Crisis scenarios

FROM THE ECONOMIST INTELLIGENCE UNIT Recriminations over the sinking of a South Korean naval vessel, Cheonan, with the loss of 46 lives have raised tensions on the Korean peninsula. Having officially blamed North Korea for the March 26th sinking, the South…

North Korea a Nuclear Proliferator, U.N. Report Says

A new U.N. report says North Korea uses various means to enable its illicit exports of nuclear and ballistic missile technology, the Associated Press reported yesterday (see GSN, May 27).

South Korea/North Korea politics: Retaliatory steps

FROM THE ECONOMIST INTELLIGENCE UNIT After a slow-burning start, the crisis over the sinking of the South Korean naval vessel, Cheonan, with the loss of 46 lives on March 26th is escalating. Having officially blamed the North, the South Korean government…

Psychological Warfare’ Against N.Korea Resumes

Chosun South Korean soldiers of the Mt. Baekdu Unit in Gangwon Province, the northernmost observation post in the South, were busy on Monday dusting off loudspeakers used in psychological warfare operations that been stored in warehouses for the last six…