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UAE finance: Holding pattern

FROM THE ECONOMIST INTELLIGENCE UNIT Creditors of Dubai International Capital (DIC), the private equity arm of Dubai Holding, have been asked to accept a three-month delay in the repayment of a US$1.25bn syndicated loan so as to allow time for…

IDF foils attack at Gaza border; four terrorists killed

Officials and media reported that four Palestinian terrorists have been killed and three others wounded in a clash with Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) troops on Gaza border early on Tuesday.

Syria politics: Roads to Damascus

FROM THE ECONOMIST INTELLIGENCE UNIT Syria is becoming increasingly comfortable with its regional position. It is being courted by all sides with political interests at stake in the Middle East, and its fledgling market economy is attracting the attention of serious…

Yemeni forces kills Al-Qaeda chief in air strikes

Yemen’s defence ministry announced on Monday that two senior Al-Qaeda members were killed in an air strike which targeted terrorists hideouts in the southeast of the country. The Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) leaders have been identified as as Jamil Al-Anbari…

Nasrallah threatens to attack Israeli infrastructure

During his Tuesday speech, Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah threatened to bomb Israeliinfrastructure, including its airports and refineries, if the “Jewish state attacks Lebanon“.

Iraqi terrorist group says holding two Americans

An Iraqi terrorist group that detained an American man for more than two years announced on Saturday that it had kidnapped another American, a US military contractor for the Defence Department in Baghdad.

Syria’s Financial Support for Jihad

by Matthew Levitt Middle East Quarterly Winter 2010, pp. 39-48 It costs a lot of money to run an insurgency. There are arms to buy, attacks to launch, bribes to pay. The local population has to be won over, and…