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Mexico/Organised crime: 18 killed as drug gangs attack army bases

Mexican authorities said that the army had gunned down 18 suspected drug gang members on Tuesday when the latter tried to blockade two army garrisons in the Mexican border states of Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon. One Mexican soldier was reportedly wounded during the…

Changing tack in drug war

FROM THE ECONOMIST INTELLIGENCE UNIT Alarmed by the escalation of violent crime in Mexico, Washington and Mexico City are looking to adjust the ways in which they collaborate on drugs and security issues. A high-level visit by US Secretary of…

9 killed in shootout, 54 cartel members face US sanctions

In a gun-battle between Mexican security forces and suspected gang members in the town of Tuxtepec in the southern Oaxaca state, nine people were killed. The victims included two soldiers while authorities could not confirm the number of casualties nor if they were…

Mexican marines raid town police force, nab eight cops

Mexican marines in the north-eastern Nuevo Leon state, apprehended eight police officers of Villaldama’s 12 officers strong police force for their alleged ties to drug cartels, official said.

Mexican army captures Juarez Cartel Leader’s brother

The Mexican Defence Secretariat stated on Monday that government troops captured Roberto Sanchez Arras, third in command of theJuarez drug cartel, on Thursday in the violence-plagued state of Chihuahua.