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Italian police arrested seven people over arms trade

Italian police have arrested seven people for allegedly selling arms and ammunitions to Iran, authorities said Wednesday. Reportedly, among the arrested persons – five are Italian and two Iranian.

Italian police dismantle PKK recruitment network

Italian police dismantled a recruitment network for the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in northern Italy on Friday after arresting 11 men who allegedly recruited people for the terrorist organisation.

Italian police arrests two Duisburg massacre’s suspects

Italy‘s interior minister Roberto Maroni, confirmed on Friday the arrest one day before of 2 Ndrangheta’s members allegedly involved in the shootout that left six people dead in a restaurant of the German city ofDuisburg on August 15, 2007. “We can now…

Italy: Red Brigade founder’s son arrested

Rome, 18 Jan. (AKI) – The Marxist-Lenninist Red Brigades founder Pierino Morlacchi’s son and another suspected member of the far-left terrorist group were arrested in the northern Italian city of Milan on Monday. Anti-terrorism police in Milan have begun questioning…