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Israel ‘cuts arms sales to Turkey’

TEL AVIV, Israel, April 26 (UPI) — Israel will impose a temporary freeze on the sale of advanced weapons systems to Turkey, once a key ally, because of blistering criticism of the Jewish state by Turkey’s Islamist Prime Minister Recep Tayyip…

Israel Mulls U.S. Stance on Unilateral Iran Strike

srael’s defense community is divided on the importance of securing U.S. backing for an independent Israeli military strike on Iran, the Wall Street Journalreported today (see GSN, April 20).

IDF foils attack at Gaza border; four terrorists killed

Officials and media reported that four Palestinian terrorists have been killed and three others wounded in a clash with Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) troops on Gaza border early on Tuesday.

Israeli planes carried out seven missile attacks on Gaza

Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) confirmed that its F16 fighters have carried out at least seven missile attacks on the Gaza Strip on Friday, targeting two weapons-manufacturing plants and two arm caches, all in response to a Palestinian short-range rocket fired across…

Hit Squad Targets Budapest as Israeli Jets Fly Overhead

NYPost.com Two Israeli Air Force Gulfstream V-type jets, equipped with sophisticated intelligence gear, flew over Hungary right as a Syrian man was gunned down inside his luxury vehicle in Budapest, according to Hungarian media reports.

Israeli army confirms air strikes on Gaza

Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) confirmed that its aircraft bombed at least six targets in the Gaza Strip on Friday, in retaliation to a rocket fired by Palestinian terrorists from the Gaza Strip that killed a Thai seasonal worker in southern Israel…

Secret report: U.S. is cozying up to Palestinians

Haaretz The U.S. administration will not put a lot of effort into the upcoming indirect negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, opting instead to focus on the November Congressional elections, according to an internal Foreign Ministry report that was distributed…

Nasrallah threatens to attack Israeli infrastructure

During his Tuesday speech, Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah threatened to bomb Israeliinfrastructure, including its airports and refineries, if the “Jewish state attacks Lebanon“.

Explosive devices wash up on Israeli beaches

Israeli security officials said on Tuesday that two explosive devices that had drifted onto Israel’s southern shoreline on Monday, clearly indicated that it was as an attempt by Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip to attack Israel.

U.S. ties Israeli billionaire with Chinese intelligence

Haaretz The Admiralty complex is one of the trademarks of Hong Kong’s urban landscape. Overlooking the port, the complex used to house the soldiers of the British army and the headquarters of the Royal Navy in the region. Today it…