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At least 15 killed in series of coordinated attacks in Iraq

Suspected terrorists with silence weapons carried out a series of coordinated attack at six checkpoints in Baghdad on Monday, killing at least seven people, mostly Iraqi soldiers and police officers and wounding 24 others, Iraqi security officials said. An interior ministry…

Iraq/Terrorism: another top Al-Qaeda leader killed

Ahmed al-Obeidi a.k.a Abu Suhaib, a regional Al-Qaeda leader, has been killed on Tuesday morning during a joint US-Iraq operation in the northern province of Ninevah.

Iraq politics: Coalition-courting

FROM THE ECONOMIST INTELLIGENCE UNIT The Iraqi general election has thrown up an inconclusive result. The final outcome will depend on a secondary contest between the two leading parties to form a majority bloc in parliament. If neither party can…

US sanctions target Al-Qaeda in Iraq

The US Treasury Department on Thursday imposed financial sanctions against Muthanna Harith al-Dari, an Iraqi, for allegedly providing financial assistance and other services to Al–Qaeda in Iraq (AQI).

Iraq politics: Election update—Allawi ahead

FROM THE ECONOMIST INTELLIGENCE UNIT With two-thirds of the votes in Iraq’s general election now counted, the Iraqiya list of Ayad Allawi, a former prime minister running on a non-sectarian ticket, looks like it has a good chance of ending up…

31 killed, 48 injured in three suicide blasts in Iraq

At least 31 people were killed and 48 others were injured in three suicide bombing attacks in the city of Baquba, central Iraq, on Wednesday. Police said the first explosion was carried out at police stations in the Diyala province – where Al-Qaeda terrorists…

Iraqi terrorist group says holding two Americans

An Iraqi terrorist group that detained an American man for more than two years announced on Saturday that it had kidnapped another American, a US military contractor for the Defence Department in Baghdad.