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NEW: ISIS Threatens Horrific Attack on UK (VIDEO)

The terror group has warned the UK will suffer ‘the lion’s share’ of the slaughter it intends to wield in Europe, according to its Arabic language newspaper, al-Naba. However, in a video released on Saturday, the militants suggest it is…

Allegations of secret Colombian plan to undermine EU

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS – A group of MEPs is calling for action as further details of an alleged covert operation conducted by the Colombian intelligence agency (DAS) continue to emerge, with one of its reported aims being to undermine the…

Chinese Firm Pressing Ahead With Oil Projects in Iran

China’s biggest oil company is pressing ahead with oil-and-gas projects in Iran valued at billions of dollars, its top executive said, highlighting Beijing’s strong economic ties to Tehran.

Gulf security not affected by Iranian spies: Saudi

RIYADH (AFP)— Saudi Interior Minister Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz late on Wednesday rejected claims by a Kuwaiti member of parliament that a suspected Iranian spy cell held in the emirate had compromised Gulf security.

UAE Fact Sheet

Background: As part of efforts to secure its trading routes with India during the 19th century, the UK concluded a series of truces and protectorate agreements with individual sheikhdoms in the Gulf. These agreements eventually gave rise to what became…

Morocco Country Summary

DOMESTIC POLITICS: The political scene will remain broadly stable in 2010-11, under the rule of the king, Mohammed VI, but there will be widespread disaffection with the formal political process and parliamentary politics in particular. The monarch and his coterie…

North Korean Leader Seen in China

Reclusive North Korean leader Kim Jong Il was widely reported today to have begun his first trip to China since 2006 (see GSN, April 30).

Iran Could Field New Centrifuges at Secret Site, Officials Say

Diplomatic and intelligence officials in Europe and the United States fear Iran might intend to deploy higher-speed centrifuges at an undeclared facility for producing enriched uranium, the Washington Post reported yesterday (see GSN, April 30).