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Nose under the tent – Iranian missiles in Venezuela

Rick Francona: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has agreed to permit Iran to deploy medium range ballistic missiles to his country. According to press reports, the Iranians will construct a missile base in Venezuela housing several versions of North Korean-made Scud…

The Further Narco-Terrorist Ties of the Chávez Government

By Douglas Farah The August arrest of major drug kingpin Walid Makled a Venezuelan financial stalwart of the Chávez government in Venezuela has not drawn a great deal of attention here. But it goes to the heart of the criminal-terrorist nexus…

Chávez aims to retain control of legislature

Election Date: September 26, 2010 At stake: National Assembly Background A country deeply divided in followers and detractors of an eccentric president, Venezuela is also the fifth largest oil exporter in the world. A populist left-wing government has led the…

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez allegedly helped Colombian, Spanish militants forge ties

WaPo: Now, based on documents and witness testimony, Chávez is facing fresh accusations that his government has gone well beyond assisting the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC. Documents seized from two subversive groups, along with information provided by…

Concern mounts in Spain over ETA presence in Venezuela

Madrid (Deutsche Presse)- Concern is mounting in Spain over allegations that Venezuela is protecting members of the militant Basque separatist group ETA who are living in the Latin American country.

Putin Visits Chavez in Russian Bid to Grow in Obama’s Backyard

April 1 (Bloomberg) — Prime Minister Vladimir Putin will pay his first visit to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez tomorrow as Russia seeks to regain lost influence in Latin America through energy and arms deals.

Venezuela Receives 6 K-8s From China

CARACAS, Venezuela (AFP)- The Venezuelan Air Force has received the first six of an order for 18 K-8 Karakorum trainer, or light attack, planes from China, along with control systems to maintain the aircraft.

Venezuela: Risky oil partnerships

FROM THE ECONOMIST INTELLIGENCE UNIT Against a backdrop of the continued decline in Venezuela’s oil production and investment in the energy sector, the government is welcoming back foreign oil majors. However, the companies’ willingness to partner again with the government required…

Venezuelans Would Shun Pro-Chávez Candidates

(Angus Reid Global Monitor) – People in Venezuela are not keen on having a legislature controlled by politicians akin to current president Hugo Chávez, according to a poll by Hinterlaces. 51 per cent of respondents would like the National Assembly…

Police disperse anti-Chavez demonstration

Venezuelan police fired tear gas shells and plastic bullets and used water cannons to disperse hundreds of students staging a protest against the government of President Hugo Chavez on Thursday.