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Iran heavily cuts funding to Hezbollah, report says

DPA: Jerusalem – Iran has cut its annual budget to Hezbollah by over 40 per cent, causing a crisis within the Lebanese Shiite guerilla organization, The Jerusalem Post reported Thursday, quoting an Israeli intelligence assessment.

Photos Show Hezbollah Has Missiles, Report Claims

Satellite images reveal that the militant group Hezbollah is in possession of surface-to-surface missiles that are being stored at a clandestine weapons site in Syria while awaiting transport to Lebanon, the London Times reported Friday (see GSN, May 6).

Hizballah Prepares for the Next War

Time Magazine With a startled shout from the outcrop above, the Hizballah fighter bounded down the rocky slope and cocked his AK-47 rifle in a dramatic flourish as he drew near. “What are you doing here?” he demanded, his face…


Jamestown.org: The issue of who should control weapons belonging to the Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah continues to dominate meetings of Lebanon’s high-level National Dialogue Commission (founded in 2006). While Hezbollah insists on retaining its arms as part of Lebanon’s front-line…

AP: 3 men charged in Miami with financing Hezbollah

MIAMI — Three men are being charged in Miami with illegally exporting products to a South American shopping center, which U.S. officials say is a front to finance the Hezbollah terrorist group.

Nasrallah threatens to attack Israeli infrastructure

During his Tuesday speech, Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah threatened to bomb Israeliinfrastructure, including its airports and refineries, if the “Jewish state attacks Lebanon“.