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Dublin to unveil deep austerity plan as Germany warns euro ‘at stake’

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS – In a race against time, or at least against the ‘bond vigilantes’, the Irish government is to publish a stiff austerity plan on Wednesday afternoon whose drafting was supervised to by the EU-IMF troika. The plan,…

Germany’s Imam Mamoun Darkazanli: Al-Qaeda’s Alleged Financier and Logistician

By: Derek Henry Flood Jamestown.org Background Police in Hamburg shut down the notorious al-Quds mosque, renamed the Taiba mosque in 2008, led by German-Syrian national and voluntary imam Mamoun Darkazanli. Darkazanli (a.k.a. Abu Ilyas al-Suri) has been a suspected al-Qaeda operative,…

Germans Are Not Thrilled with New Coalition

The shift towards a more right-wing government seems to be backfiring for Angela Merkel. Gabriela Perdomo – She used to complain that the alliance with the left-leaning Social Democratic Party (SPD) made things insufferably slow and inefficient. But German Chancellor…

Euro Zone Buys Time, Moves Toward Federalism

FRANKFURT (Dow Jones)–The massive European Union financial package should banish fears of government default and a collapsing euro, and was also a giant step toward a more federal Europe in the longer term.

US and Germany Tussle over Arresting Suspected Smuggler

Der Spiegel:  US investigators have been trying to get Germany to arrest and extradite a German citizen who allegedly belongs to a network smuggling US electronic components to Iran to be used in roadside bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan. But…

ECB’s Weber says Greece may need 80 bln euros

BERLIN, April 20 (Reuters) – European Central Bank Governing Council member Axel Weber has told German politicians that Greece may require assistance of up to 80 billion euros ($111.8 billion) in the coming years.

Germans say euro zone may have to expel Greece: poll

BERLIN (Reuters) – A majority of Germans want debt-ridden Greece to be thrown out of the euro zone if necessary and more than two-thirds oppose handing Athens billions of euros in credit, a poll published on Sunday showed.

Germany speaks out in favour of European army

EUObserver:  German foreign minister Guido Westerwelle has said Berlin supports the long term goal of creating a European army, which will bolster the EU’s role as a global player.

No More Business With Iran, Says Siemens

Spiegel Online:  Europe’s largest engineering conglomerate has announced an end to business with Iran. High-tech exports from European firms have worried Western governments in light of Tehran’s apparent ambition to build a nuclear bomb. Now German Chancellor Angela Merkel sees…