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Rising industrial unrest in China

FROM THE ECONOMIST INTELLIGENCE UNIT Strikes are becoming more common in China, as a result of increasing strains in the labour market. There is a shortage of young workers in coastal areas, partly as a result of stimulus programmes that…

The China-Pakistan Reactor Deal and Asia’s Nuclear Energy Race

Jamestown.org In late April, China announced the sale of two nuclear reactors to Pakistan. This deal is clearly against the guidelines of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) and the spirit if not the letter of the Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) [1].…

North Korea: Crisis scenarios

FROM THE ECONOMIST INTELLIGENCE UNIT Recriminations over the sinking of a South Korean naval vessel, Cheonan, with the loss of 46 lives have raised tensions on the Korean peninsula. Having officially blamed North Korea for the March 26th sinking, the South…

South Korea/North Korea politics: Retaliatory steps

FROM THE ECONOMIST INTELLIGENCE UNIT After a slow-burning start, the crisis over the sinking of the South Korean naval vessel, Cheonan, with the loss of 46 lives on March 26th is escalating. Having officially blamed the North, the South Korean government…

Kim Jong Il Orders Military to Get Ready for Combat

May 25 (Bloomberg) — North Korean leader Kim Jong Il told the country’s military to be combat-ready in a message broadcast last week that coincided with South Korea’s announcement that it blamed his regime for the sinking of a warship,…

Chinese Firm Pressing Ahead With Oil Projects in Iran

China’s biggest oil company is pressing ahead with oil-and-gas projects in Iran valued at billions of dollars, its top executive said, highlighting Beijing’s strong economic ties to Tehran.

North Korea Says Nuclear Fusion Reaction Produced

Aspiring nuclear power North Korea claimed today that it was able to conduct a nuclear fusion reaction, a process that could be used to produce energy or a hydrogen bomb, Agence France-Presse reported (see GSN, May 11).

China to Construct Nuclear Reactors for Pakistan

GSN China has finalized plans to build two new nuclear power reactors at Chashma in Pakistan, the Financial Times reported yesterday (see GSN, Nov. 21, 2008).

China slaps new penalties on US chicken imports

BEIJING (AFP)— China said Wednesday it will impose preliminary tariffs on a variety of US chicken products it claims received government subsidies as trade tensions grow between the two sides.