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EU wary of instability as Ukraine election goes to second round

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS – EU institutions are wary of post-election instability in Ukraine, as exit polls show that Viktor Yanukovych, the villain of the Orange Revolution, won the first round of the presidential vote on Sunday (17 January). Mr Yanukovych…

Abortion Funding Divides Views in U.S.

(Angus Reid Global Monitor) – Americans are split in their assessment of an amendment to the proposed health care reform bill that would ban abortion coverage in any health insurance plan using federal subsidies, according to a poll by Angus…

Conservatives Remain at 40% as General Election Nears in Britain

Vision Critical: The year 2010 begins with Britain’s main political parties maintaining the same numbers they garnered in the last month of 2009, a new Angus Reid Public Opinion poll conducted in cooperation with has found.

Obama scrambles to save Democratic Senate seat

BOSTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama went on a rescue mission on Sunday to try to save an endangered Massachusetts Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate whose defeat by a Republican could imperil Obama’s sweeping healthcare overhaul.

Sudan Elections: How did it come to this?

From The Economist print edition The man at the top of the International Criminal Court’s most-wanted list is the favourite to be elected president, if elections take place at all

Ukraine headed back into Russia’s influence

IQ: Exit polls show that Viktor Yanukovich qualifies for run-off after being ousted during the Orange Revolution. Ukraine will regress back into the influence of Russia on important military and economic matters. Updated Jan. 17, 2010 1:53pm EST