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Conservatives Remain at 40% as General Election Nears in Britain

Vision Critical: The year 2010 begins with Britain’s main political parties maintaining the same numbers they garnered in the last month of 2009, a new Angus Reid Public Opinion poll conducted in cooperation with has found.

Obama scrambles to save Democratic Senate seat

BOSTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama went on a rescue mission on Sunday to try to save an endangered Massachusetts Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate whose defeat by a Republican could imperil Obama’s sweeping healthcare overhaul.

Sudan Elections: How did it come to this?

From The Economist print edition The man at the top of the International Criminal Court’s most-wanted list is the favourite to be elected president, if elections take place at all

Ukraine headed back into Russia’s influence

IQ: Exit polls show that Viktor Yanukovich qualifies for run-off after being ousted during the Orange Revolution. Ukraine will regress back into the influence of Russia on important military and economic matters. Updated Jan. 17, 2010 1:53pm EST