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At least 11 people killed and dozens more wounded in violent incidents

A series of violent incidents have been reported on Sunday across Iraq, claiming the life of at least 11 people and leaving dozens of others injured. In Baghdad, six people were wounded when a bomb targeting the motorcade of the head of…

Nine Iraqi soldiers killed in roadside bomb blast

Iraqi Police and Army Sources said that nine Iraqi soldiers were killed on Wednesday and six people wounded, including five soldiers, when a roadside bomb destroyed a bus west of the volatile northern city of Mosul.

Iraq/Terrorism: Two blasts kill at least three in Baghdad

Media reported that two subsequent bomb attacks were carried near a bus terminal in the Bayaa district of south-western Baghdad on Wednesday, killing at least three people and wounding scores of others, including Iraqi police officers and soldiers.

Iraq/ Terrorism: Iraqi Al Qaeda claim army base suicide raid

International Media reported that Al Qaeda’s Iraqi Affiliate claimed responsibility for the raid by suicide bombers on an army base in Central Baghdad on Tuesday. The attack resulted in the death of twelve people.

Iran Seeks Identities of Nations That Sold CW Materials to Iraq

NTI: Iran’s envoy to the international body that oversees the Chemical Weapons Convention on Tuesday urged the disclosing of the names of Western nations that provided materials that helped Iraq produce chemical warfare agents, Tehran’s state-controlled Fars News Agency reported…

PKK bombs Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipeline in Mardin

Media reported that terrorists belonging to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) on Saturday night bombed Kirkuk-Ceyhan oil pipeline operating between Turkey and Iraq near the town of Midyat in Mardin province of Turkey.

Syria/Turkey/Terrorism: 400 PKK suspects detained in the raids

Turkey‘s Anatolia State News Agency reported on Thursday that Syrian Security Forces have detained at least 400 members of the suspected Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terrorist group during separate raids in five cities across the country. There have been no reports from the…