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Lebanon Military Intel


Military intelligence has identified an airstrip used by Hezbollah to launch drones that the Shi’ite party sends to Syria as well as over the residence of the Maronite leader Samir Geagea, one of its most vehement political opponents (IOL 705). The airstrip is located between…

French government on defensive over Sarkozy phone-taps


(Reuters) – France’s justice minister on Wednesday defied calls for her to quit after it emerged that she knew former President Nicolas Sarkozy’s phone was being tapped, apparently contradicting an earlier statement from her.

China practicing for “short, sharp war” against Japan, says intelligence report


A U.S. Navy intelligence analyst believes that China is preparing for a “short, sharp war” with Japan as the People’s Liberation Army were seen conducting training drills that seem to simulate the taking over of the disputed Senkakus. While the uninhabited group of…

MEICO, rebel arms supplier


Under NATO supervision Albania has progressively disposed of the military stocks it amassed during the Stalinist reign of Enver Hoxha. However the alliance sometimes turns a blind eye to arms deals that suit its purposes.

Croat network in arms


05/02/2014 – Croat businessman Hrvoje Petrac, a leading light in the Balkan arms trade, has been exploring new business opportunities in Syria. Petrac, who was jailed at one point in connection with the kidnapping of the son of Vladimir Zagorec, the chief executive…

Report: NSA developed software for backdoor access to iPhones


The U.S. National Security Agency was developing in 2008 a software implant for Apple iPhones that allowed the agency to take almost total control of the device, including retrieving text messages and voicemail and remotely turning on its microphone and…

December 2013 Briefs

Share EASTERN SYRIAN MILITANT LEADER ANNOUNCES CHANGE OF ALLEGIANCE FROM FSA TO AL-QAEDA Saddam al-Jamal, the former leader of the Liwa Allahu Akbar (God is Greatest Brigade) announced his defection from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) to join the Islamic State…

Brunt of Global Terrorist Attacks Born By Three Countries


A new study tracking worldwide terrorism attacks has found that last year more than half occurred in just three countries: Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan. But the survey also notably illustrates the shift of terrorism out of the war zones of…