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Iran to build two new enrichment plants

TEHRAN — Iran said on Monday it is considering plans to start building two new uranium enrichment plants from March, with the sites concealed in the mountains to avert air strikes.

Cyber war game shows U.S. has a lot to do

WASHINGTON, Feb. 17 (UPI) — Former U.S. security officials say the government needs the authority to monitor the Internet and millions of cell phones during a major cyber attack.

Bosnia and Georgia pose threat to EU security, US intelligence chief says

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS – Potential instability in Bosnia and violence in South Caucasus will pose the main threats to EU security in 2010, the US’ intelligence chief has said, while depicting the EU’s largest neighbour, Russia, as stuck in a…

FSB Accuses Georgia of Aiding al-Qaeda in the North Caucasus

By: The Jamestown Foundation Insurgent violence has continued unabated in the North Caucasus this week, with five federal servicemen dying in a shootout with insurgents in Chechnya yesterday (February 4) and Russia’s security services again accusing Georgia of aiding militants in…

China navy report posted on web

Business-Standard:  A mistake by a US Navy intelligence official has given the world an unexpected peek into the secret world of China’s navy. The US Office for Naval Intelligence (ONI) committed the blunder of posting, on an open website, the…

NSA Working with Google to Understand Chinese Hacker Intrusion

Google is teaming up with the National Security Agency, reports the Washington Post. “Sources with knowledge of the arrangement, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the alliance is being designed to allow the two organizations to share critical information without…

Russia-Ukraine spy scandal erupts on eve of vote

KIEV (AFP)— Ukraine’s security service on Tuesday said it had foiled a Russian plot by arresting five of Moscow’s intelligence agents operating in the south of the country on a mission to steal state secrets.

U.S. ties Israeli billionaire with Chinese intelligence

Haaretz The Admiralty complex is one of the trademarks of Hong Kong’s urban landscape. Overlooking the port, the complex used to house the soldiers of the British army and the headquarters of the Royal Navy in the region. Today it…