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World finance: New Year risk rally?

The final weeks of 2012 are likely to be a nervous period for financial and commodity markets as investors await the outcome of US lawmakers’ negotiations over the so-called fiscal cliff. However, the rally in global risk markets that was…

Chinese investment in central and eastern Europe

EIU: Chinese investment in the new member states of the EU is still on a very small scale, but looks set to rise, with both Chinese and central-east European governments keen that it should do so. The motivation is clear-cut: securing…

US think tank: ‘Let the eurozone fail’

WASHINGTON – Speak with most American officials about the EU and they will talk about the bloc as a partner and strong ally of the US. Criticism of the 27-country bloc is reserved for the ongoing eurozone debt crisis and the…

Country ratings for political/financial risk

RATINGS CHANGES There were changes to risk scores in 37 countries during the latest monthly updating cycle of the Risk Briefing model. These led to upgrades of the overall score in only four cases, but there were 17 downgrades. In…

Dollar falls after Obama victory, fiscal cliff looms

(Reuters) – The dollar fell on Wednesday after U.S. President Barack Obama’s re-election for a second term, which was seen ensuring Federal Reserve quantitative easing will be in place.

Blast halts Iran gas flow to Turkey, 28 troops wounded

ANKARA (Reuters) – Unidentified saboteurs have blown up a pipeline in eastern Turkey carrying Iranian natural gas, halting the flow of gas and wounding 28 soldiers in a passing military vehicle, Turkish officials said on Friday.

François Hollande’s European dream

EIU: On the eve of the European Council on October 18th-19th, France’s president, François Hollande, outlined his views on how best to tackle the euro zone crisis, spelling out a vision for the future integration of the single currency area.…

Global Sovereign Ratings

The EIU Country Risk Service publishes regular ratings on 120 sovereigns. The ratings for emerging markets are updated monthly while those for most developed countries are updated bi-annually. The sovereign rating measures the risk of a build-up in arrears of…

Prepare for UK exit from EU, Asian bank warns

BRUSSELS (EUObserver)- The prospect of Britain leaving the European Union is increasingly likely according to a leaked strategy paper by banking giant Nomura.

Germany sells Israel nuke-ready submarines – report

RT: Germany is supplying the Israeli Navy with submarines that are fully capable of being fitted to carry cruise missiles with nuclear-warheads, Spiegel reports. Thus, if Israel does indeed have any such missiles, it could deploy them immediately.