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The Strategic Implications of the Turkmenistan-China Pipeline Project


Publication: China Brief Volume: 10 Issue: 3 By: Stephen Blank On December 14, 2009, China and Turkmenistan formally opened the longest natural gas pipeline, which runs from Turkmenistan through Central Asia to China. This pipeline, financed by China National Petroleum Corporation…

China navy report posted on web


Business-Standard:  A mistake by a US Navy intelligence official has given the world an unexpected peek into the secret world of China’s navy. The US Office for Naval Intelligence (ONI) committed the blunder of posting, on an open website, the…

U.S. ties Israeli billionaire with Chinese intelligence


Haaretz The Admiralty complex is one of the trademarks of Hong Kong’s urban landscape. Overlooking the port, the complex used to house the soldiers of the British army and the headquarters of the Royal Navy in the region. Today it…