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India warns of hijack threat to national carrier

Security measures in all major airports of India have been strengthened following the intelligence reports of hijack plans by groups linked to Al-Qaeda, the interior ministry stated on Friday. “We have alerted our civil aviation security people against a possible…

Why Pakistan will not mount new attacks on militants

BBC: With its announcement that it will launch no new offensives against the Taliban in 2010, Pakistan’s army appears to have opened a new innings in its favourite game with the West, says the BBC’s Syed Shoaib Hasan in Islamabad.

India: Al-Qaeda ‘may provoke conflict with Pakistan’

New Delhi, 20 Jan. (AKI) – Pakistan and India need to work together to combat the threat from Al-Qaeda in the South Asia region, US defence secretary Robert Gates said on Wednesday. Speaking on a visit to India, Gates drew…

Dire Straits for Pakistan

With an intensifying battle with terror in the tribal regions, a severe winter made worse by an equally severe energy crisis, and a weakened government plagued by corruption and unwilling to embrace transparency, the public has had enough, Naveed Ahmad…

CIA catches Iranian trying to buy arms ‘for war against U.S.’

Haaretz:  An Iranian businessman was caught on tape by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency attempting to purchase weapons and military systems during a clandestine deal in Georgia. Amir Hussein Aldabili was allegedly sent by the Iranian government to entice arms…

US think-tank hints at ISI hand in CIA attack

The Hindu The suicide strike on the key U.S. intelligence base in Afghanistan had hallmarks of an operation carried out by a national intelligence service, a leading U.S. think-tank has said, apparently hinting that it could be the handiwork of…

Afghanistan/Terrorism: Large explosion near German embassy

On Friday, a large explosion shook up the centre of Kabul. According to the first reports, a missile hot the diplomatic district, which holds the presidential palace as well as most of the Western embassies and the main office of the United Nations.

Medvedev Offers No New Solutions to Dagestan’s Ongoing Destabilization

On January 12, a major gas pipeline was blown up with an explosive device in southern Dagestan. The pipeline stretching from Mozdok in North Ossetia to Kazimagomed in Dagestan connects Russian gas pipelines to the Azeri gas pipeline network. Eleven settlements, including the city of Derbent in the southern part of the republic with the overall population of 170,000 people, were left without gas supplies (ITAR-TASS, January 12).