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Al-Qaeda offers to train, arm Nigerians: SITE

DUBAI: Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) leader has offered to train and supply Nigerian Muslims to carry out “violent jihad,” in an Internet message, US-monitoring agency SITE said on Tuesday.

AP sources: Military boss arrested in Guinea

CONAKRY, Guinea — A military hard-liner who was among the most vocal supporters of Guinea’s exiled coup leader and who chartered a private plane to try to force him to return to Guinea was arrested overnight Saturday, according to two…

11 killed in heavy Mogadishu fighting

Fierce fighting between Somali government forces, supported by African Union (AU) peacekeeping forces andAl-Qaeda-linked Somali terrorists killed at least 11 people, mainly civilians. According to official sources, at least 25 others were injured in the clashes in the capital Mogadishu on Friday.

Uganda’s oil reserves

FROM THE ECONOMIST INTELLIGENCE UNIT A battle is being fought for the rights to Uganda’s burgeoning oil sector. The risks–and rewards–for potential investors are substantial. Uganda has oil–lots of it. Another discovery in the Lake Albert Basin along the Congolese border in fourth-quarter 2009 brought…

Chad demands UN pullout

Chadian authorities urged the United Nations peacekeeping mission to pull out its troops and demanded a clear timetable for the withdrawal of international troops and civilians, diplomats said on Thursday.

Somalia: Eight people killed in clashes with al Shabaab and Hizbul Islam in Baladweyne

Reuters news agency reported today that at least eight people had been killed and more than a dozen other injured in clashes between Hizbul Islam and al Shabaab rebel groups and pro-governmental militia forces in the Central Somali town of Baladweyne, capital…

Central Africa Authorities Deny Killing Rebel Chief

BANGUI(AFP) — Authorities in the Central African Republic on Thursday denied allegations they had arrested, tortured and killed the leader of the country’s only rebel group still fighting. Charles Massi, 57, a former minister who heads the rebel Convention of…

Chinese intel working with Triads in Africa

Intel Brief:  Western intelligence services have noted that Chinese mobsters are increasingly active in Africa and that China’s intelligence agencies, notably Guoanbu and the 2nd Department of the People’s Liberation Army. Intelligence Online

East African Terrorism Comes to Scandinavia

Publication: Terrorism Monitor Volume: 8 Issue: 2 In a scene right out of the cinema, a young Somali man armed with an axe and a knife came crashing through the door of Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard’s Aarhus house late on…

African Conflicts and US Diplomacy – CSIS

The Place of Diplomacy is U.S. Africa Policy U.S. diplomacy in Africa is at a crossroads. New challenges and opportunities are emerging in Africa that require new approaches. At the same time, the United States is grappling with how best to coordinate…