Obama’s Democratic Takeover and How We Got to Biden

March 3, 2020: In the midst of a bitter 2016 Presidential campaign, the leader of the free world, President of the United States, champion of the liberal order, Barack Obama had quietly drifted into the background with luke-warm support of the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. 

At the time, pundits and supporters of the Clintons had defended his tepid response with excuses of “non-interference”, “busy governing the nation”, and “not stealing the limelight”. However, a more calculated plan was long in the works: How to unseat the Clintons to become the Democratic Party’s Kingmaker. 

The rivalry between the two camps had become bitter during the contentious 2008 Democratic primary, but to keep up appearances, the two political juggernauts had to make amends publicly. So convinced was the young and naïve Obama of his status as leader following his Presidential win, he later appointed Hillary to the position of Secretary of State.  Chicago politics are a formidable training ground for politicians but Hillary Clinton is on another level of calculated political adversaries.  Reeling from an unexpected loss, the Clintons set out to spread their political tentacles across the world via the Clinton Foundation. Buying insight or influence by foreigners into the US political system is not a new phenomenon, but having it masked as a charity was stroke of genius. 

As the Democrat’s enjoyed a solid majority in the House, Senate and controlled the White House, the Clinton’s expansion would be safe from interference. The key mistake at that time by Obama was his appointment of Clinton who then mixed the State Department with the growing Clinton Foundation to the point that diplomats were unsure which entity to engage with.  Imagine that you are the elected President full of pride, media darling and you come to the realization that you are not the most influential player within your own party and secondary in foreign affairs? By the time 2015 came around, Obama’s post-White House future needed to be addressed, but that future within the Democratic Party had a major roadblock in the Clinton political apparatus who assembled the usual political operatives circling potential campaigns for future employment.

For all of Hillary’s calculated presidential planning, somehow she did not understand how unpopular she had become. That unpopularity allowed her to be weakened as Bernie Sanders spoiled her uncontested ascension to the White House throne. Finally, the Obama cartel had an opportunity to not publicly, but covertly undermine the Clintons:  Straddle the fence between the progressive camp and the Clinton Democratic establishment. 

At about this time, Trump campaign had started to gain more and more traction as the Obama administration had to grapple with the Clinton apparatus leaking Russian interference information to try to stop the tide of voter support shifting to Trump.  Moscow has long meddled in US politics, with nearly a century worth of disinformation, covert support for chaos candidates, financial support, and the use of western assets to sway voters for the most beneficial result. This is also done by many nations including allies.  As this information leaked out and Wikileaks ramped up the Russian influenced propaganda(and yes it was propaganda, most effective propaganda is 95% true with selected emphasis and timing for maximum effect), still the Obama administration did not make public comments or take concrete steps to curb it. Why would he? He now had a weakened Clinton with the possibility of losing to a universally hated Trump and in November of 2016, Barack Obama secured his future status as the Democratic Party’s future Kingmaker. The Clintons have been defeated, her Foundation collapsed and her political operatives have turned on her publicly criticizing her on media channels.  Their reign was over. 

2020 Democratic Primary

Presidential campaigns are not spur of the moment decisions based on twitter hashtags and pundits on media delivering paid narratives. Decisions on candidates, potential running mates and financial support are detailed and calculated at least a year in advance. 

There are only two camps currently vying for the Democratic nomination: Obama’s Democratic establishment and chaos progressive candidate Bernie Sanders.  The rest of the candidates enter the fray to raise money for political leverage later shifting delegates for potential committee assignments, appointments and legislation.  Bernie Sanders supporters are loud and quite active on social media, however Senator Sanders lacks a basic thing that is needed to win a primary election: Political Capital.  Bernie cannot offer delegates and superdelegates in 2ndround of voting anything, he is outside the Democratic leadership in the Senate and has limited pull in the House. Delegates are people with aspirations and self-interest that look to enter political campaigns and enhance their status(Remind me who Obama appointed as the OPM head?). This is the mistake casual observers and self-identified “political junkies” make trying to analyze candidates and VP choices. Political networks are far more important than national polls and “trends”. (Market watchers need political experts, not economists with pure mathematical models)

The reality of this 2020 Democratic Primary is that Obama chose Biden(assurances of him staying one term for a potential Michelle Obama run) a year ago with Harris as VP strictly for the electoral college calculations of her being a woman and African American targeting 4 states: North Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.  Trump campaign has already identified this and are potentially looking at Nikki Haley to offset the female factor.  What you are seeing in real-time are plotted out events timed for maximum publicity having candidates drop out, Senators and established political operatives in the media throw support behind Biden, and a catchphrases like “comeback Grandpa” starting to circulate. 

Super Tuesday will likely show Biden overperform polls figures limiting Bernie’s delegate count and then shifting the race to Florida, Georgia and other states where Biden is likely to sweep the delegates. Come mid-March, the jubilation the Bernie supporters have, will turn to despair and their lobbying of Buttigieg, Warren and Klobuchar supporters will fall on deaf ears.  The only issue will be how to bring the progressive left back into the fold to support Biden in key states. The answer will be Barack Obama who in appearances straddled the fence between the progressive Left and Moderates. 

Written by Albert Marko

twitter: @amlivemon