Trump, Russia, Kushner, Manafort… What’s currently happening in Washington

As the drama unfolds in Washington over Trump’s alleged ties to Russian interference, hysteria has risen and ignored piecing together the most critical information.

Rumors the past week have Jared Kushner, not President Trump, being initially targeted by authorities. This stems from his acquisition of The Observer and access to big data using a very sophisticated data gathering team set up by Betsy DeVos’ brother, Erik Prince, meant to gather and manipulate immense election data with Russian technical help. This connection was further facilitated by Kushner with support from Alpha Bank as needed throughout the election, most likely with help and direction from Paul Manafort.

This tangled web will ultimately be deemed too close for President Trump, as it may hit the heart of his family and business empire, which Kushner still plays a vital role in and has given the opposition fuel for an Emoluments Clause case against him.  The addition of Mueller being brought into the center of events should be interpreted as the GOP looking to isolate themselves from any fallout. Ordinarily, such events would take years to play out, but with the Democrats and intelligence community increasing pressure, this looks to unfold within months.

While the Democrats and the public is looking for a Trump impeachment, the reality is that Trump has been a driving force for fundraising and being able to delay the GOP agenda until after midterms for the DNC.