Germany, France and Holland continue to print own currencies

According to rumours within financial circles, Plan B for some European nations has been in place since 2011.

The onslaught of the refugee migration and the increased likelihood of Brexit has economic ministers worried of fundamental breakdown of the current status of the European Union.  Fractures have already been formed as increased border checkpoints and bickering amongst EU members immigration policies have increased significantly, to the level where Denmark and Sweden have publicly traded insults and warnings to each other.

Back in 2012, the European Union was being crushed by debt and distressed banks, especially in the PIIGS zone.  Prosperous nations like Germany and the Netherlands had called for austerity measures, in which prompted anomosity between EU member states leaving France to play mediator.  That was the trigger for Plan B; print emergency stockpiles of their own currencies.

Today’s issues of the influx of refugees at historic levels, have pushed EU nations welfare programs to the breaking point.  Putin has initiated and exploited this refugee crisis in Syria with the hopes to destabilize Europe, and has succeeded so far as his Russian energy lines push further into he continent.  Absent is the Obama administration,  where a fractured EU would be detrimental to both US Economic and foreign policy in the long run.