Kuwait fears increased violence

Kuwaiti authorities announced on 13 August that they had discovered a large arms cache in the al-Abdali area in northern Kuwait, close to the Iraqi border.

Kuwait’s interior ministry reported that it had uncovered large quantities of small-arms, ammunition, TNT explosives, and rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) launchers. Five people with alleged links to Hizbullah and Iran have been arrested to date in the investigation. The raid comes at a time of a growing sectarian confrontation in Kuwait, stemming from a number of factors, including the 26 June Islamic State suicide bombing of a Shia mosque in Kuwait City.

Furthermore, Shia MP Abdul Hamid Dashti’s 16 July trip to Lebanon – where he publicly greeted the father of a deceased Hizbullah commander involved in the 1988 hijacking of a Kuwait Airways flight – has been widely criticised by Sunni and some Shia Kuwaitis on social media.