Croat network in arms

05/02/2014 – Croat businessman Hrvoje Petrac, a leading light in the Balkan arms trade, has been exploring new business opportunities in Syria. Petrac, who was jailed at one point in connection with the kidnapping of the son of Vladimir Zagorec, the chief executive of the public arms export agencyAgencija Alan (ex-RH-Alan), now operates from Azerbaijan. From there he is believed to be supplying weapons to Syria via Jordan, which is understood to be providing end-user certificates. The operations are understood to be taking place with the financial support and protection of several intelligence agencies in the Middle East that are supporting the Syrian rebels.


Petrac is not the only arms dealer profiting from the Syrian conflict. Albanian and Serbian arsenals (IOL 687) are also apparently being put to use by the rebels fighting to overthrow Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad.