Hamas eats humble pie in Tehran

28/08/2013 (IOL)- Deprived of its Egyptian rear-guard since the ouster of Mohamed Morsi in early July,Hamas has been desperately trying to re-establish contact with its former ally, Iran. Imad Alami, the leader of Hamas’ pro-Tehran faction, went to Iran earlier this month. Similarly, the leader of Hamas in Lebanon has been knocking on Hezbollah’s door. Ali Baraka has obtained several meetings with the leadership of the Lebanese Shi’ite movement in the company of Iran’s ambassador to Beirut,Ghadanfar Rokon Abadi.

To date these overtures have yet to yield results. Hezbollah is wary. It suspects Hamas-linked Palestinian elements of taking part in the two bombings that struck the Lebanese capital on July 9 and August 15.

For a long time allied with Hezbollah, Hamas knows the Lebanese organisation’s modus operandiinside out and shared that knowledge with its new jihadist friends from Syria. During the June siege of Qusayr, Hamas taught the Syrian rebels to build Hezbollah-style clandestine tunnels and trenches.

Hamas has not only lost the backing of Egypt, but also of Qatar, where the new Emir, Sheikh Tamim, is squarely focused on domestic policy.