Israel Could Take Further Action in Syria

Israel’s recent bombing campaign in Syria might set the stage for further action to prevent the transport of chemical weapons or other arms to militant organizations such as Hezbollah, theWashington Post reported on Saturday.

The Jan. 30 aerial assault is believed to have targeted vehicles carrying antiaircraft weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Reports indicate there was also collateral damage to a facility near Damascus involved in biological and chemical weapons research.

Ex-Israeli military intelligence head Amos Yadlin said Tel Aviv has ruled out allowing the embattled Assad regime to provide militants with chemical weapons, sophisticated air-defense technology, ballistic missiles, or land-to-sea missiles.

“Any time Israel will have reliable intelligence that this is going to be transferred from Syria to Lebanon, it will act,” he said. Yadlin acknowledged, though, that such strikes could lead to retaliation against his nation.

Security, proliferation or use of Syria’s large arsenal of chemical warfare agents and delivery devices has been a major concern for Israel and other nations that closely monitor developments in the bloody uprising against President Bashar Assad.

“The (intelligence) monitoring of the Syrian chemical weapons depots is quite strict, so there’s a fairly good chance that any movement would be detectable,” said one-time Israeli military intelligence analyst Dany Shoham.

Meanwhile, U.S. intelligence personnel have used Facebook, Twitter and other means to contact Syrian air force and army officers with control over portions of the chemical arsenal, theDaily Beast reported on Friday. Those officials are told that they have been identified and would face ramifications for employing or moving those assets.