Iranian Revolutionary Guard hit by deaths


Some ten high-ranking officials of Iran’s Guardians of the Revolution, or Pasdaran, have died in apparently violent circumstances in recent months. Only two of the deaths have been made public, those of Gholan Reza Qasemi, the former commander of the 92nd armoured division, and GeneralMohamed Ali Moussavi, head of a commando regiment in the town of Ahvaz. However General Ahmed Mansouri, one of the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s representatives in the Pasdaran command structure, has also died recently, officially of a heart attack, while two colonels, Nadjaf Ali Khirallahi andNassif Pour, were killed in car accidents. Another five Pasdaran officials who passed away recently are Wafa Ghafarian, 52, Abbas Mehri 53,Ahmed Siafazadeh, 55, Mansour Tourqan, 50, and Ahmed Soudaker, 51. Khamenei has not publicly expressed his condolances, which are usually widely reported in the Iranian press, leading observers to speculate over whether or not the deaths may have been the result of internal battles to control the local black economy, which is traditionally run by the Pasdaran.