Syria/Crisis: New crackdowns on opposition in Deraa and Hama provinces

Aljazeera reported on Thursday that pro-regime troops had launched a new assault against the southern city of Deraa, near the border with Jordan.  According to local human rights activists, heavy machine gun and loud explosions were heard early this morning in several neighbourhoods of the city. To recall, Deraa has been the starting point of the uprising againstBachar Al-Assad in March 2011.

Meanwhile, the Syrian observatory for Human right (SOHR) reported that pro-Assad forces carried out a new shelling in the western province of Hama, leaving 14 people dead. At least ten army deserters and 4 civilians were reportedly killed in the incident, which took place in the locality of Kafrnbouda.

The SOHR also reported that four soldiers of the regular army were killed earlier today in a clash with deserters in the same province.

The SOHR lastly claimed that pro-regime forces had launched a large sweep operation in the Al-Arbaïne neighbourhood of Hama city, arresting suspected opponents.